About Leaf & Twig

Leaf & Twig, LLC sprouted in 2015 as a passion business from me, founder Melissa Vertosick, an herbalist and certified holistic health coach. I believe that tea can change your world. It’s a bold statement I know, but here is why I believe it: Herbs are powerful allies for our journey towards a well lived and healthy life.

Leaf & Twig teas and tisanes are created with you in mind. Through conversation and education I want to empower your decisions and help you select the herbs you bring into your daily life. Each blend provides space for you to explore and enjoy the powerful practice of preparing loose leaf teas and tisanes. As we return to more natural ways of keeping our bodies whole and in balance, teas and tisanes can be used to enhance quality of life.



Nurturing by the cup:

Pursue Balance

With each cup of tea you drink, you’re embracing what helps you feel good and balanced.

Breathe Deeply 

Preparing and savoring a cup of tea gives you a chance to breathe during your hectic daily life.

Savor Connection

Share a pot of tea with others and observe how this action cultivates powerful and meaningful connections.

Tea Connects us

As humans, we cultivate a rich life through these relationships and interactions with ourselves and others. Powerful connections can begin over a cup of tea.  At Leaf & Twig, I’m passionate about developing and encouraging those connections. My joy comes from creating hand-crafted teas for you to savor.

Learn, Sip, savor

Loose leaf tea is an experience in slowing down, mindfulness, and in utilizing daily ritual to promote wellness.  Step out of the hectic pace of the day and be in the moment. Savoring the actions of preparing the cup, enjoying the aroma as the tea and herbs unfurl, and truly tasting the flavor of the tea.

I encourage you to connect with your tea: learn, sip, savor. Allow your daily practice to blossom and bring beauty and positive benefits into your life. I can’t wait to see what beauty you will cultivate.