A Flavorful Black Tea
To Enjoy After Eating

Fireside Evenings Tea
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Relax on cool evenings after dinner while savoring the spice and warmth of Fireside Evenings. Sip this delightful, mild black tea as conversation flows around candle or firelight. Enjoy the sweetness of cinnamon and aroma of cardamom.

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Fireside Evenings

Caffeine Level:
100% Organic Ingredients:

Ceylon Black Tea
Cassia Cinnamon Chips
Cardamom Pods

It's The Perfect Blend If You Want To:

Calm your gut
Stimulate appetite
Support your immune response

Brewing Instructions:

Pour 1 cup hot water over 1 teaspoon of tea and steep for 5 minutes.

Flavor Profile:

Rich, Complex, Warming, Sweet, Slightly Spicy


Cinnamon Chips

Cinnamon (C. cassia) is sweet tasting; providing the perfect complement for after a meal. Cassia cinnamon has a stronger taste. It is a warming herb and can help to ease bloating and indigestion. It is often used in helping to balance blood sugar. Like many herbs, it has a contraindication in large doses during the first trimester of pregnancy.


Cardamom is often called the “Queen of Spices” and is native to southern India. Its volatile oils have anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic effects which help our digestion by relaxing the gut. Using this spice can help with upset stomachs and nausea. Cardamom can also be used to stimulate appetite. We find that this spice goes very nicely with the cinnamon in our Fireside Evenings tea.

Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is a slightly fermented black tea that originates in Sri Lanka. It does have caffeine but we feel it is milder, making it perfect for relaxing in the afternoon or evening. We added cardamom and cinnamon to provide digestive support. It is this combination of black tea and warming herbs that inspired the name for this tea.

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