Serenity Meadows Tea


Serenity Meadows Tea

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Looking for a warming herbal blend to give you an afternoon boost without worrying about not sleeping? Serenity Meadows is perfect for those who are avoiding or reducing caffeine and still want an energetic boost. Adaptogenic Tulsi leaves, warming Hawthorn leaves and flowers, and refreshing Fennel Seed combine for a centering and stress reducing tisane. 

Large Tin - $13.50  |  25 Servings  |  2.5 oz.
Small Tin - $5.50  |  5 Servings  | 0.5 oz.
NEW! Bulk 1lb. Bag - $40.50  |  88 Servings  | 8.8 oz.

100% Organic Ingredients:
Tulsi (Holy Basil)
Hawthorn Leaves & Flowers
Fennel Seeds


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