3 Habits for a Better Night’s Sleep

A common complaint is not sleeping. Whether that is not sleeping, not sleeping well or not feeling rested upon waking. There are many habits to incorporate daily to help you sleep better. Here are three habits we enjoy.

1.       Enjoy our Lavender Mint Dream tisane.

The three herbs in our Lavender Mint Dream tisane are all known for encouraging relaxation and can help support better sleep. Enjoy a cup in the evening or make a bath “tea” (placing Lavender Mint Dream in a large reusable tea bag in the tub as you run water over it and enjoy the aroma while you soak).

2.       Settle in with a good book and low lighting.

Dimming the lights help your body slow down and get ready for sleep. Reading an actual book rather than an electronic one also helps by removing the glare of the electronic screen. Research has shown that electronics encourage wakefulness at night and can disrupt your body’s production of melatonin.(1) We also like how curling up with a good book just feels good too.

3.       Have a consistent bedtime.

This one can be one of the hardest habits to implement. It is not always possible to have the exact same bedtime each night. Yet our experience is that we feel better keeping a regular bedtime.


(1) https://sleep.org/articles/ways-technology-affects-sleep/