A Fall Evening In with Tea


Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The autumn equinox brings so much abundant energy with it and is a great time to set new self-care rituals to support your sense of well-being. Being in this abundant energy makes me feel so appreciative for the seasons. As written in Anne of Green Gables, “I’m so happy to live in a world where there are Octobers.”

One of the great parts of fall is the cooler nights. Curling up with a cat and a cup of hot tea and enjoying deep conversations with my husband and friends is one of the ways I add joy to my day. Now is the time to add some of that energy into your day if you haven’t already. Naturally, tea is a fantastic way to incorporate some warmth into crisp fall days.

The tea I’ve been reaching for almost-daily is Fireside Evenings. It feels like it was made specifically with fall in mind. Actually, that’s exactly what happened! Fireside Evenings is a 100% organic blend of Ceylon Black Tea, Cassia Cinnamon Chips, and Cardamom Pods. Cinnamon and cardamom are excellent digestive aids, so I love serving this after a meal, especially now that we’re eating heartier fall meals.

Ceylon black tea is a slightly fermented black tea that originates in Sri Lanka. It does have caffeine, but it’s milder, making it perfect for relaxing in the afternoon or evening. Even then, I would avoid drinking this immediately before bedtime.

Cassia cinnamon chips are added to help to ease bloating and indigestion. It’s often used in helping to balance blood sugar. Cassia cinnamon has a slightly stronger taste than the cinnamon you may use for baking. This warming spice is a lovely addition after a meal.

Cardamom is another spice that helps support good digestion, so it’s perfect in an after-dinner drink. The oils in this spice anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic effects; they’ll relax the gut and also help with upset stomachs and nausea.

With all this energy around the fall season, it’s hard not to fall in love with nature. Here in southwestern Pennsylvania, the leaves turn beautiful sunset colors of gold and burgundy. The hills around my home are on fire with the imagination of Mother Nature. I love being outside and taking meditative walks in the woods around my property.

As you’re reading this, I’ve just married my favorite human on that property here in southwestern PA. The pictures...oh how amazing they’re going to turn out! I cannot wait to see them. We’re set in the woods on about 3.5 acres and have all kinds of deciduous and evergreen trees surrounding us.

Something I love to add into my crisp fall evenings in the woods here is a Fireside Evenings Hot Toddy. One weekend after a very disappointing Moscow Mule experience, I decided to make a hot toddy when we got home. I wanted something that a) was warming, b) was satisfying, and c) used my teas. So, the Fireside Evenings Hot Toddy was born! Serve this at your next gathering around a fire or when you want a hot toddy. Here’s the recipe.

Whatever fall holds for you, I hope you enjoy the beauty and abundance of this season. It’s a time to live fully and deeply experience everything fall has to offer. What is the season like where you live?