Herb Spotlight: Motherwort

Motherwort is also known as Lion’s Ear or Lion’s Tail. This spring herb has palm-shaped leaves, pink flowers, and square, stout stems. It grows about three feet tall and blooms in August. You’ll know motherwort by its pungent odor and bitter taste.


 There are many great properties and benefits for the body. Its Latin name is Leonurus cardiaca and the fierceness of the name is a little misleading. It does have powerful energy, lion energy, as well as protective like a mother. In fact, its common name literally means ‘mother’s herb’!


One of Motherwort’s energetic uses is to bring a sense of purpose, and to bring joy into completing tasks. It is supportive of inner growth and encourages trust in one’s self. It is relaxing and calming.


The astringent, bitterness of the herb helps to clean and detoxify. Also, it’s carminative, meaning aids with gas and digestion. This herb also has a great impact on vision and those with anxiety and sleep disorders.


Motherwort is a great heart soother. Various preparations were given to patients with nervous cardiovascular conditions, hyperthyroidism, heart diseases, and hypertension. There was a decrease is blood pressure, headaches, and dizziness. The greatest result was seen in the group with nervous heart conditions and hyperthyroidism.


This herb also stimulates and relaxes the uterus and has been used to regulate menses. Part of its balancing effects is with helping women regulate their monthly cycles. As it is a uterine stimulant, it is not advised while pregnant. I’ve added it to my Lady’s Herb Tea because of these relaxing properties and the benefits Motherwort has on the heart and female reproductive system.