Fireside Evenings Hot Toddy

Ready to expand your tea drinking?

On a whim this weekend, well really it was after a very disappointing Moscow Mule during dinner out, I decided to make a version of a hot toddy when we got home. A hot toddy is generally a combination of hot water, lemon, honey, and alcohol. Earlier this winter I was introduced to tea hot toddies at a happy hour but hadn’t made one at home.

Putting together this simple recipe I had two thoughts.

Why haven’t I made these already?


What else can I make using my teas?

The recipe below is how I created my Fireside Evenings Hot Toddy. Look for more recipes in the future that combine Leaf & Twig teas for more delicious ways to enjoy them.


Fireside Evenings Hot Toddy

1 heaping teaspoon Fireside Evenings Tea

1 cup Hot Water

1/2-3/4 shot of Honey

1/2-3/4 shot of Vodka (I used Tito’s)

  • Place Fireside Evenings Tea in a French press or tea strainer
  • Add 1 cup of hot water
  • Steep for 5 minutes
  • Stir in Honey and Vodka
  • Enjoy while hot