Three Ways to Set Intentional Self-Care Rituals

Something about fall makes it feel like the world is refreshed. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but the energy of fall is full of possibilities. It’s like Mother Nature took the best parts of the new year and the weather and gave it to us in the form of the autumn season.

With the shifts in the air (literally the weather shifting, but also with the kids going back to school), this is the perfect time to think about crafting a supportive self-care ritual. Setting intentions and shifting your routine is a powerful way to ease into a new season.

Decide how you want to feel.

Whether you’re beginning to add self-care into your days or you’re rejuvenating your goals for the new season, being clear on how you want to feel is a step you must do. This is a great way to discover your intentions and values. That way, you can make sure your new rituals align and truly support you.

I like to think about how I want to feel when I finish something and bring those feelings into the process. That way, I can be present and mindful in whatever I am doing. With my wedding coming up, I want to feel soft, flowing, and in tune, so I bring that mindfulness to everything I do in order to cultivate these feelings.

No matter your self-care ritual, it’s important to remember it’s yours; this has to feel good to you. No one can say what you need except you. There is so much written about what we “should” do that we forget to do what feels best for us.

Anchor your new rituals in established habits.


A favorite way of mine to add new elements into my rituals is to anchor them into established habits. When you tie new habits into old ones that have become rote, it increases the likelihood you’ll continue to keep doing it. After all, what good is a self-care routine if you don’t stick with it!

Now is a great time to establish a nighttime routine to ease you into a relaxing evening so you sleep peacefully. I enjoy a cup of Golden Milk after dinner made with Warm Turmeric Spice to calm myself and prepare for sleep. I’m also creating an Autumn Equinox Bundle for you that will help to prepare you for this time.

Release what no longer brings you joy.

Marie Kondo is onto something. A new season is a great time to release that which no longer serves you. Releasing what no longer brings you joy can apply to physical objects as well as emotions and energetic drains in your life.

Have you had a goal or a new habit on your list of resolutions all year that, for whatever reason, just isn’t happening? Now is the time to release it or change it so it supports how you want to feel in this new season.

Remember, this ritual is for you and you alone. Take these ideas and use them to inform your practice and to create a self-care ritual that will be supportive and fulfilling to your unique desires.

In this upcoming season, the days are getting crisper and the nights are getting cooler. Personally, I’m starting to feel that pull to be cozy and prepare for the colder months ahead. How are you cultivating a self-care ritual to support you in the next season?