Enjoy the Equinox with the Hand-Crafted Autumn Equinox Bundle

We’re approaching the Autumn Equinox, the time of year to honor the harvest. This year, the equinox is on Saturday, September 22nd. Whether it’s an actual harvest for you in your garden or a time to reap the rewards of the intentions you set earlier this year, this is a time of both endings and beginnings.

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The Autumn Equinox is also the time to feel abundant. Shift your consciousness from one of lack to one of plenty. Remind yourself you will always have what you need, and then some.

Create a ritual for yourself to feel that abundance in your life. This can be something simple like lighting a candle and giving thanks for the riches of your life.

Clear some space for what’s coming next. Colder seasons are upon us, so now is the perfect time to think about your living area and ensure it will support you through the next seasons. Gather a cozy blanket, your favorite candles, warming teas, and feel into the season.

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Also ask yourself, what support do you need right now? Maybe you want to enjoy the abundance of the harvest. Perhaps you want to create a nest in your home for chillier nights. Establishing a new self-care ritual to support yourself may be on your list.

Whatever you’re craving right now is related to the equinox. Herbs are powerful allies, ready to support you in this new season. I’ve created the Autumn Equinox Bundle to incorporate the benefits of these autumn herbs into your daily life.

The Autumn Equinox Bundle will:

  • Nurture and support the energy of turning inwards this season

  • Help you activate a self-care ritual to cultivate mindfulness and abundance

  • Protect your immune system

  • Bring the energy of abundance, gratitude, patience, and mindfulness to your rituals

The Autumn Equinox marks the time when the days and the nights are equal, making this a great time for balancing and centering yourself.

Each Autumn Equinox Bundle contains a surprise assortment of hand-crafted products to aide your transition into autumn.

The box will contain a limited run of herbal goodies centered around the colors, energies, and herbs of the equinox. Included with your Autumn Equinox Bundle is a PDF booklet sharing more information about the equinox, traditions, and practices as well as how to use the products in your box.

This box is $55.

Order your Autumn Equinox Bundle here by September 14th for delivery by September 20th in time to create an Autumn Equinox ritual for yourself!