3 Ways to Relax & Enjoy

Summer. As kids, it was all about fun, relaxing, and staying out until dark. All the neighborhood dads would whistle or call out to us as we ran around or biked the streets to call us home. There is a laziness to summer and an openness that can be tempting to fill. It can be hard to slow down. Here three ways I like to take things slow.  Summer is a great time of year to do this but these relaxation habits work well year-round.

Create a morning habit that enhances your sense of calm and well-being.

In a Facebook group I belong to, there has been some discussion around the book The Miracle Morning. Who’s doing it and what their experiences are. Just starting to read the book and I have not incorporated it into my mornings yet. What I do in the mornings varies yet it contains some meditation, exercise, journaling, and reading. Sundays are favorites with nowhere to be and able to sit on the porch or favorite chair with tea and cats for a relaxing start to the week.

Learn to allow space

Once in the habit of being on the go, it can be hard to slow down. There is the feeling that something has been forgotten. I have been working on saying no and taking the time to decide what works best personally and professionally. I find more peace when my schedule is a bit open.

Do something every day that lights up your soul

Creativity lights me up. I have been making a conscious effort to do something creative daily. For me this includes a variety of things- creating new teas, new recipes, drawing, crafting, sculpting, or just surrounding myself with the creativity of others. Find the things that light you up and make it a priority to spend some time every day experiencing that.