Spring into the Equinox with Seasonal Support

The Spring Equinox is approaching and I always welcome this reminder to let the energy around the earth help rebalance my body! The days are getting longer, the temperatures are creeping upwards, buds and blooms are everywhere. It feels like Mother Nature is taking a deep breath.

Spring is the time to refresh and rejuvenate. Whether you’re doing physical cleaning or mentally shaking out the carpet, spring brings the opportunity to clear whatever has built up over the winter.

For me, the return to longer days and warmer temperatures means a return to walks in the woods, teas full of tulsi, hawthorn, and lady’s mantle, and a desire to shed some of the heavy hibernation energy around my day-to-day routine.

Winter was the time to reflect, dream, and just be. Now, it’s time to create structure and take action in this next seasonal shift.

Dedicate time actively to dream, plan, and implement. Make those dreams you had solid and impenetrable. What do you need to create to take one step towards those dreams? What do you need to manifest and call into your life? How can you nurture your seedlings as they mature later this year?

Removing the hindrances you may feel when looking at the goals you dreamed up may pose some questions for you. Balance is coming back and will help you move through some of those blocks. Support yourself with plenty of time outside, reconnecting with the earth after being bundled up all winter. Use the energy of growth and desire to be active to create a routine with movement in mind.

Know that whatever you dreamed up is possible. The Spring Equinox offers a perfect opportunity to refresh your approaches, whether it’s towards supportive rituals, balancing health, making a deeper connection to your body, or whatever you happen to be craving right now.

To support your dreams, I’ve put together a handcrafted bundle of powerful herbal allies. The Spring Equinox Bundle takes the dream time of winter and helps to make those dreams solid.


The Spring Equinox Bundle will:

  • Nurture and support the energy of planting your dream’s seeds and taking action

  • Help you reconnect with your body and intuition

  • Refresh and rejuvenate your body

  • Bring the energy of growth, manifesting, renewal, and action to your rituals

Your Bundle will contain a limited selection of herbal goodies centered around the colors, energies, and herbs of the equinox. Included is a PDF booklet sharing more information about the equinox, traditions, and practices as well as how to use the products in your box.

The Spring Equinox marks the time of noticeable change. One moment, the trees are bare; the next, they’re filled with buds. Just like the earth knows it’s time to bloom again, your body feels that energy of growth.

Order your Spring Equinox Bundle here by March 9th for delivery by March 20th in time to help you speak your desires and manifest all you dreamed for this spring!