The Powerful Connection of Tea

Tea is such a social beverage and can nurture great connection between those who share it. It’s also a way to express feelings. Making someone a cup of tea is a love language. You’re taking the time carefully to select a blend that you’ll both enjoy or that will soothe the other person; then, you’re preparing the tea and sharing a pot. No matter the intention of tea, the act of sharing tea can connect you to loved ones.

While mostly it seems like people associate putting the kettle on when something upsetting happens, tea is a social beverage for all occasions. A classic example is the English afternoon tea. It was introduced in 1840 by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford. She would become hungry before her family’s fashionably late dinner and wanted a snack. Soon, she was inviting friends to join her in afternoon tea. It was an opportunity to come together for a light bite of food and some gossip before preparing for the evening supper.


There’s a hospitality associated with serving tea. When you invite someone in for a cup of tea, there’s an understanding that it’ll take some time. There’s a tone of, “This will take a moment to prepare and I’d love to spend some time with you.”

Because of that, it makes people feel included and welcome. This naturally-social activity gives everyone a chance to relax and breathe for a moment. Using loose leaf tea becomes part of the experience you have together as you can enjoy having the connection of a tea ritual together.

The preparation of tea is definitely a love language, especially for me! When James isn’t feeling well, tea will do the job. Either by the medicinal blend of tea that I’m preparing for him based on what his body needs to just feeling comforted, tea is a way to connect us during illness. Since the weather has been cold, Winter Comfort has been especially used in our house to soothe sore throats.

I feel like making someone a cup of tea is a way to show you care about someone and want to take care of them. The benefits of different ingredients literally help to heal them; the act of preparing and bringing someone a warm beverage has such a calming effect.

When loved ones travel or are away from home, having a tea ritual creates a connection that you can feel in your soul. While you may not be performing it together, you are both feeling that bond from doing the same thing you’d do if you were physically near each other. Using a mug that the other person gave you, meditating on your relationship while the leaves unfurl, and sipping tea together while talking on the phone or even just thinking about them will comfort and warm you.

Tea is the ultimate beverage of bringing people together and generating deep connections. There’s nothing to say that making a latte for someone doesn’t make them feel welcome; it’s just quite a bit harder to prepare that at home! There’s an inherent hospitality built into making tea for someone. Enjoying it with deep conversations and loved ones is a great way to strengthen relationships and connections.