Cultivate Fresh Energy for a Season of Growth

We have finally emerged from our cocoons of winter and it’s time to harness the fresh energy of spring and start to bloom.

With this outward shift in energy comes the renewed desire to be connected to the earth. We want to get out and be social with an extended circle of friends. We can start to plant seeds, literal and metaphorical, to harvest in later seasons this year.

Personally, I started to go a little stir crazy towards the end of the colder months. I’m welcoming this season and the energy that goes with it. If you’re feeling that energy, too, harness it! This is a beautiful time to start fresh.


I love celebrating this time of year. Seeing seedlings start to pop up gets me excited for spring and cultivation. Things change so quickly - you may look out one day and there are no buds, but the next day, the trees are covered in them. Before you know it, there will be leaves and beautiful blooms. There’s lots of noticeable change that happens in the spring.

The Spring Equinox is about creating the structure for the dreams of winter actually to happen. We are out of the dream phase and into the planning/doing phase. The first ritual I like to perform that allows me to harness the fresh energy of spring and call in new growth to my life is spring cleaning.

While it sounds not like a fun ritual or even a ritual, it is! Spring cleaning lets me have a fresh start to the season. I can lighten things up, both physically and emotionally. In this space, I’m able to feel growth stirring and buds appearing.

I love opening the windows, even just a crack, and letting the air inside my home. It changes the energy of the room; it brings the freshness in and lets the stagnation go out from being all closed up.

Springtime cleaning is a way to release things that may have been holding you back. Whether these are literal objects or emotional issues I’ve been holding in, I like to ask, “Will this help me move forward?”

Perhaps these are things you realized in the fall and sat with through the winter. Now, you’re ready to make a decision and fully take action on it. Once you release and make space, new and wonderful things will blossom in that place.

Spring cleaning also lets me start fresh with my goals and habits. I like to clean my body just as much as I like to clean my house. I’ll add more greens to my diet to aid in cleaning up from the heaviness of winter.

When my body is light, I’m able to be more intentional with my goals. Taking action seems easier and I can approach it joyfully. Calling new things into your life is so much more effective when you do so from a place of positive energy!

With the weather being more cooperative, I also like to taking more walks. During this time, I reconnect with the earth. It’s been sleeping all winter, so each spring walk is different. I find that getting outside helps me ponder questions and find creative solutions to them; the act of moving and breathing in fresh air is powerful.

Cultivating this fresh energy for an abundant spring and summer of growth is something I look forward to every winter, especially when we reach the end of the season and the winter sleep goes from being comforting to claustrophobic!

How do you open yourself up to fresh energy each spring?