Three Ways To Change Your Routine for Summer

It’s that time when the weather gets warm and we can relax a little with a slower pace. It’s also the time to change our routines to support ourselves during the busy summer months. Let’s face it: as much as we enjoy relaxing during the summer, it’s also a busy time with lots of activities to soak up the sunny weather.

To make the most of the sunny season, here are three ways you can soak up the most of summer.

Find Yourself in Nature


Putting your toes in the grass and reconnecting with Mother Nature is so powerful. There’s something about feeling the earth right against you or surrounding yourself with trees, flowers, grass, and all living things.

I adore my morning walks in the woods. While I don’t go barefoot there, I do enjoy connecting with nature. I’ve noticed when I start my day by doing a moving meditation with a cup of tea, I feel more connected to my intention and in charge of my day.

Even though the birds are up, there’s a peacefulness that only exists in the early morning (and during snowfalls). Getting outside in the morning allows me to enjoy nature without getting unbearably hot and the sun in the trees is just magical. For example: one morning, there was a fine fog everywhere and I loved the stillness from the fog and how transformative it was as it burned off.

I’d encourage you to find your own place and enjoy that moment of quiet and stillness where it feels like the world is just you and the birds.

Change Your Tea Routine


As the seasons change, the teas you support yourself may want to change as well. White teas are wonderful this time of year. They’re lighter than green and black teas, so you can’t “oversteep” them in your sun teas. They also use great flavors of the season, like citrus and florals. I also like to limit my black tea intake before the day gets too hot!

Lady’s Herb, my new Mnemosyne’s Tea (coming soon!), Morning Harmony, and Serenity Meadows are some of my favorite teas to enjoy in the summer.

Sun tea is a must in the summer. It’s so simple to make. Just add about 2 teaspoons (or 1 heaping teaspoon) for every cup of water to a glass jar. Let it sit in the sun and steep in the heat until it’s reached your desired level of strength.

If I have any tea left over, I’ll make ice cubes out of the tea to use in my next round of iced tea. Not only does this prevent watered-down tea, it adds other flavors if you want to combine and play. Citrus Joy ice cubes are great in black tea (for a little hint of citrus) and Morning Harmony cubes are a fun addition too.

Add a Burst of Citrus

Citrus and summer were made for each other. Lemonade, that hint of lime in guacamole, and a punch of orange blossom are instant reminders of summer. Thinking about citrus just makes you feel warmer and more invigorated.

Not only do I love the actual citrus fruit, I love things that smell citrus-y like lemon balm. If I could express my love for lemon balm, it would look like something like a big bear hug and all the heart-eye emojis together.

This lovely herb is part of the Citrus Joy blend (did you hear: Citrus Joy is back!) and it’s a favorite of both you and me alike. Its botanical name is Melissa officinalis (so how could I not love it!) and in addition to “lemon balm,” you may see it called “bee balm.

Lemon balm is considered to be a calming, soothing, tonifying, and adaptogenic herb. While these qualities may make it seem odd to include lemon balm in a tea that helps to pick you up during the day, it is also a cerebral stimulant.

Often this herb is recommended for people experiencing indigestion, headache, chronic fatigue, anxiety, both hyperthyroid and hypothyroid, and difficulties with concentration, memory, or mental focus.

To learn more about Lemon Balm, read the full Herb Spotlight: Lemon Balm.

So now I’ve shared how I change my routine for the warmer months and I’m curious, how do you incorporate different lifestyle additions for a new season?