Take On The Day With Morning Harmony

With the longest day of the year and summer in general comes a turning outward. This is the season to tend, care, and prepare. The long, warm days are calling for a focus on social activity, being outside, and a connection to nature.

All of the extra daylight we’re being treated to helps to move that energy forward. There’s something about summer that feels naturally invigorating, like there doesn’t need to be as much focus on hibernating and pushing yourself to be social and active. Rather, it comes naturally. Caffeine isn’t as needed. The sunlight is your source of energy! (Well, sometimes!)

I love that this outward focus is shining on all things. The season makes me want to eat fresher and be livelier.


One way I’m embodying this goal is by shifting my morning routine to enjoy the sun and energy it brings.

So, I’ve been loving my morning walks. In fact, it’s a subtle shift that, combined with my favorite morning tea as of late, has totally changed my mornings.

That routine has been incredibly beneficial. Waking up with the earth allows me to feel the metaphorical fog lift as the literal fog clears up in the morning sun.

I do a brief intention setting practice with my day as I sip my tea. Each inhale is anchored to an intention. I feel myself bring in the intention with each sip of tea and visualize it working its way down my chakras.

The tea that’s been accompanying my morning walks is, aptly, Morning Harmony.

I don’t love having a lot of caffeine and I also like having something in the morning to pep me up, so one of my tea missions was setting out to find an energizing blend that didn’t use caffeine.

In Morning Harmony, I used lycii berry and tulsi, two ingredients that are energizing. Lycii is also known as goji berry. It’s a great source of antioxidants and also adds a brightness to the tea. Tulsi is so light and refreshing. I feel uplifted when I drink it.

This blend is great support for heart health and handling stress, so it’s excellent for men and women to drink in the morning before the day runs away with you. The tulsi in particular supports your central nervous system and balances your chakras.

It’s also a great blend to incorporate into a fresh, summery routine. It’s quite fresh and allows you to slow down, breathe, and refocus on where you want your energy to go.


Summer is also a great time to reassess the plans you dreamed about through the winter and started to birth in the spring. Do they still feel good to you? Is it something you are still interested in pursuing? If it is, summer is the time to harness the energy of the sun and grow. Tend to what you've planted so you can enjoy a fruitful harvest this fall.

What are you focused on cultivating this season?